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Has the Dollar Peaked?

The stronger dollar has likely been a major factor in gold’s lack of upside follow-through in recent months. The currency hit its highest level of the year last week but is seeing a mild pullback today in early action. The greenback’s strength is not really all that surprising – it has benefitted from concerns over global growth and interest rate differentials. The Dollar Is Near a Top… The dollar may be at or near a top, however, and could soon see a significant price reversal.... Continue Reading

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The Beginning of Something Bigger?

The gold market is kicking the New Year off right, and the market is showing some very impressive signs of strength. The market has a number of issues that could potentially fuel higher prices in 2018, and outlined below are what could be the three primary drivers of higher gold as the New Year gets started. Dollar weakness: The dollar index just finished its worst year since 2003, declining by some 10 percent. This finish also was the first losing year for the currency since... Continue Reading