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Is Gold Waiting on the Fed?

Price action in gold recently has seen some significant whipsaws. Given the numerous bullish issues that could serve as the backdrop for a sustained rally higher, many investors may be wondering what might be driving the current selling pressure and volatile price action. Could it be the Fed? The Trump administration has been moving closer to a decision on who the next Fed Chair may be. Although current Chairwoman Janet Yellen may still be in the running, rumor has it that President Trump is leaning... Continue Reading

Not So Fast…

The Federal Reserve this week is lifting its key interest rate by .25%. This move by the central bank did not come as a surprise. It seems the Fed took various steps in recent weeks to “warn” markets that a March rate hike was coming-even though just several weeks ago the odds or a March hike by the Fed were very small. Given much of the recent hawkish talk from various Fed officials, the question no longer was if they would raise rates three times... Continue Reading

More Gains Ahead?

The gold market has once again started the New Year off on the right foot. Gold is seeing some solid buying interest to start the year as stocks and the dollar appear to be losing upside momentum. Why might gold be trending higher in spite of stocks being near all-time highs, rising interest rates and a dollar at the highest levels seen in many years? In our view there are numerous reasons that the yellow metal is likely to be bought at current levels. Here... Continue Reading

Don’t Get Distracted by all of the Noise

Last week marked the first time the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates in a year, and only the second time it has done so in a decade. Although the Fed did not surprise markets at all implementing a rate hike of 25bps, the central bank did appear to sound considerably more hawkish than markets had expected. Given the fact that a quarter point rate hike by the Fed was pretty much a foregone conclusion, investors turned their attention to the central bank’s plans for... Continue Reading

Has the Towel Been Thrown In?

The Federal Reserve finally took action on Wednesday, raising the Fed Funds rate by 25 basis points. This move by the central bank did not take markets by surprise, quite the contrary, it had been expected for some time now. What did come as a minor surprise, however, was the Fed adding a third interest rate hike to their dot-plot for 2017. This possibility of an additional interest rate hike next year drove some selling in multiple markets, including not only gold and silver but... Continue Reading