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Are Markets Topping?

The roller-coaster continues. After seeing significant selling to start the week off, stocks rebounding on Tuesday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average finished higher by nearly 400 points on the day, and investors appeared to be putting worries over a trade war behind them-at least for the day. As has been discussed in previous posts, however, there is likely something much larger brewing in the equities markets. Recent volatility, along with a significant spike in the markets fear gauge, the “VIX,” could point to a topping... Continue Reading

Are Investors Ready for Market Volatility

Investors may be completely unprepared for market volatility at this point. It has been a long time since the market saw a 5% decline, and markets have not seen a significant pullback of any kind in years. This has kept a lid on market volatility as measured by the CBOE’s VIX. You don’t need the VIX gauge, however, to tell that markets have seen very little in terms of large price swings. In fact, stocks have gone sideways to higher for quite some time. Perhaps... Continue Reading

The Vote Is In – Brexit Becomes Reality

In a historic vote that shook financial markets on Friday, the people of Great Britain have voted to exit the European Union. While optimism over the nation remaining in the union seemed to be on the rise heading into Thursday’s vote, things changed quickly once the votes starting being tallied. Stock index futures, interest rates and currencies starting seeing massive volatility on Thursday night as the results came in. Brexit was becoming a reality… At one point, S&P 500 futures went “limit down” with a... Continue Reading