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Just One Explanation for the Next Stock Market Crash

The stock market has been rallying for years now, and the bull market in equities is about a decade old at this point. In fact, the market has climbed some 250% since 2009, and as of right now there are no telltale signs of a downturn-yet. While investors may be offered numerous explanations for the heights currently being seen in the stock market, the many years of low interest rates along with massive QE have certainly played a role. Investors have seemingly turned their attention... Continue Reading

Tick Tock Tick Tock

The bull market in equities is approaching the ten year old mark. This is significant because no stock market rally has ever reached the ten year mark without seeing at least a 20 percent downturn at some point. The Dow is up a phenomenal 200+ percent since the 2009 lows, and has yet to look back. We believe that the next major crash is coming, and likely coming sooner than many would care to believe. Although the next major catastrophe is likely to be blamed... Continue Reading