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More Symptoms of Economic Trouble

Today, the Institute for Supply Management reported that its manufacturing purchasing managers index fell in February to the lowest level since November 2016. Not coincidentally, it is not the only economic indicator to decline to the lowest levels since that time. Could this mean more symptoms of economic trouble? Of course, November 2016 was when Donald J. Trump was elected President in a victory that caught many off-guard. Since he has been in office, Trump has enacted significant legislation. His administration has performed significant deregulation,... Continue Reading

Gold Poised for More Gains

  The gold market is showing some significant signs of strength recently that cannot be denied. Price action on Friday was indicative of the significant underlying strength currently being seen in gold ­ and with good reason. Following the Employment Situation report for June, which showed non­farm payrolls adding an additional 287,000 jobs, gold saw some decent selling. That selling, however, was quickly met by willing buyers who happily scooped up gold on the dip. By late afternoon, gold was in positive territory for the... Continue Reading

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