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Is The Trump Trade Being Unwound?

Not to beat a dead horse, but recent price action in key markets begs the question of whether or not the Trump trade has finally run its course. Since Trump’s Presidential election victory in early November, many markets have done the exact opposite of what many analysts were calling for. Stocks have rocketed higher while bonds have been pummeled. The dollar index has also risen sharply in the last several weeks as rates have been on the rise. Optimism over possible tax cuts and a... Continue Reading

Heavy Redemptions Show It’s Time to Buy

The herd mentality can be defined as the influence wielded by your peers when it comes to your behavior. In other words, it means that people can have a tendency to do something simply because “other people are doing it.” The recent selling in “paper” gold could be a great example of the herd mentality at work. According to at least one report, gold ETF GLD saw outflows of over $2 billion in the month of November. SPDR Gold Shares recently reportedly provided reserve data... Continue Reading

In Chaos Comes Opportunity

The Donald Trump rally marches on…The Dow Jones, S&P 500 and the Nasdaq have all hit new record highs, and for the time being the party looks like it is set to continue. Risk appetite has been on the rise, and interest rates have also been climbing. Even the dollar has gotten involved, and is trading at its highest levels since the early 2000s. There is no telling just how far stocks could climb from current levels. Could the Dow see 20,000 in the next... Continue Reading

A New Era

In a historic upset victory last night, Republican Presidential Candidate and billionaire businessman Donald Trump became President-Elect Donald Trump. To say this win for the Presidency came as a surprise would be an understatement. Going into yesterday’s election, polls had Mrs. Clinton ahead by several percentage points. Things changed quickly, however, once the votes started trickling in. Watching the election unfold in real time, investors sought to sell, and sell in a big way. The Dow Jones futures contract was at one point down by... Continue Reading