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Heard This Before

U.S. stocks are moderately higher in early Monday action to kick off the new trading week. Positive trade developments have been tagged as the primary catalyst for stronger equity markets this morning. Over the weekend, China reportedly released a document that discussed one of the major sticking points of trade talks-intellectual property rights-and called for more protection of those rights. In addition to that, comments from U.S. national security adviser Robert O’Brien also may be playing played a role. O’Brien reportedly stated that a phase... Continue Reading

Just a Few Things to Consider

Stocks have remained amazingly resilient in recent months, and the current rally in the S&P500 is now the longest on record. Make no mistake, however, the party will not likely go on indefinitely. Indeed, there are numerous issues currently at play that could cause a massive drop in equity markets while sparking what could be the greatest increase in volatility of all-time. Although gold has been on the defensive in recent months, its weakness is likely in direct correlation to higher stocks and increasing economic... Continue Reading

The Role of Gold in an Uncertain World

Heading into the weekend, investors may be feeling a bit of angst following another terrorist attack in France ahead of the first round of French presidential elections taking place this weekend. Following this weekend’s initial round, another round of elections will take place in early May. These elections have been a major topic in financial markets for some time now, and could potentially make or break the EU as it exists today. Other elections in the region could also impact the union going forward, and... Continue Reading

Is It Time To Fasten Your Seatbelt?

The stock market had a great first quarter-no doubt about it. The question now is: Will the second quarter see the same degree of buying interest? Or will the rally begin to really fizzle? Gold also had a solid first quarter. The yellow metal hung tough despite stronger stocks and a higher dollar index. It also performed well in spite of rising interest rates. Could stocks and gold continue to rise together? Sure, there is certainly nothing to say that these markets cannot both climb... Continue Reading