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$2000 Gold is on the Way

The recent breakout above the $1450 level could potentially set the stage for a run higher to previous all-time highs near $2000 per-ounce or far beyond. Although the market may be susceptible to a near-term pullback, such a correction is not only healthy but would be welcomed by eager buyers. The upside breakout in gold is gathering steam just as the stock market looks ready to fall through the floor. Recent volatility spikes in equities could be just the tip of the iceberg, and markets... Continue Reading

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How Large Could the Next Stock Decline Be?

The aging bull market in equities is nearly a decade old, and some analysts have begun to question whether or not stocks have anything more left in the tank. Stocks have shown some signs of weakness in recent trade, and the notion of a long-term top being formed right now is far from a stretch. Equities have gone a long time without even a 5% drop, and the move higher has been relentless. Needless to say, the current run higher is not likely to go... Continue Reading