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Will The Fed Deliver in 2017?

The Fed finally raised interest rates this past month for the first time in a year. Although this rate hike did not come as any surprise to global markets, what did perhaps catch markets slightly off-guard was changes made to the central bank’s dot-plot for 2017. The central bank is now forecasting three interest rate hikes in 2017 rather than just two. With Donald Trump taking office next month, things appear to be a lot more hawkish now than they did just a few short... Continue Reading

Another Vote Against Negative Interest Rates

As the spread of negative interest rates is set to continue, German bank boss John Cryan is voicing his thoughts on the monetary policy tool. Cryan is the CEO of Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest bank and a bank that is recognized all over the globe. As more financial experts weigh in on the potential effects of negative interest rates, Cryan made his opinion fairly clear, stating that such a policy could have “fatal consequences.” Deutsche Bank has felt the effects of negative interest rates which... Continue Reading