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EU Slowdown May Be Worse Than Expected

It’s no secret that the Eurozone continues to struggle with a slow economy. The EU has seen many of the ups and downs that have been seen in the U.S. in recent years while also having to contend with numerous other issues such as massive sovereign debts and policy disagreements. Now, the ECB has slashed its growth and inflation forecasts for the year while also lowering the outlook for 2020 and 2021. This would seemingly acknowledge the fact that the slowdown being seen in Europe... Continue Reading

Don’t Be Fooled

Following what many considered to be a long-shot victory by Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, markets have been moving higher after some initial volatility. The dollar index is approaching 14 year highs, while the Dow Jones has been on a record-setting spree. Interest rates have been on the rise, as bonds and notes were sold heavily. Is this truly the beginning of a new era? In our view, the answer is perhaps yes, but probably no. While things may be looking better here in the... Continue Reading

BOE Takes Action

The Bank of England yesterday took some preliminary measures to boost economic activity following the nation’s June 23rd vote to exit the European Union. These measures included an interest rate cut from .5 to a record low .25 percent along with some $10 billion in corporate bond purchases and $60 billion in government debt. And there may very well be more to come… While stocks were heavily sold-off initially following the Brexit vote, they have come roaring back, with some indices reaching fresh all-time highs.... Continue Reading

The Vote Is In – Brexit Becomes Reality

In a historic vote that shook financial markets on Friday, the people of Great Britain have voted to exit the European Union. While optimism over the nation remaining in the union seemed to be on the rise heading into Thursday’s vote, things changed quickly once the votes starting being tallied. Stock index futures, interest rates and currencies starting seeing massive volatility on Thursday night as the results came in. Brexit was becoming a reality… At one point, S&P 500 futures went “limit down” with a... Continue Reading

What Might A “Brexit” Vote Mean For The U.S.?

As the highly anticipated “Brexit” referendum approaches this Thursday, markets could see ongoing volatility. Now that the latest FOMC meeting is out of the way, this key vote is likely to garner the majority of financial headlines this week. While the two sides in Great Britain have traded time as the front-runner, the election could be very close and markets may be on edge until a clear winner is determined. While a vote to remain in the EU may calm markets in the short-term, the... Continue Reading

A Potential “Brexit” and Gold Explosion

Gold has had a spectacular start to 2016 and the run higher could potentially be far from over. The reasons for gold’s strong performance year to date are numerous, with uncertainty over the global economy and the Fed’s plans regarding interest rates nearing the top of the list. Another issue near the top of the list is the potential for a vote by Great Britain to leave the European Union, a referendum scheduled to take place June 23, 2016. While this issue has become more... Continue Reading

3 Reasons to Start Buying Precious Metals Today

Perhaps you have heard of precious metals investments. Maybe you even thought about buying gold once or twice in the past but never got around to doing it. Or perhaps you are fully invested in equities and have never even looked beyond stocks at alternative investments. If this is you, it’s time to start thinking a little “outside the box.” In fact, in our view, right now represents one of the best opportunities to begin investing in gold, silver and other precious metals. In fact,... Continue Reading

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