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Is Gold Sending a Key Signal?

The gold market has not given up much ground in recent days as the dollar index saw a significant bounce. In fact, the gold market has tested support levels in the mid $1260’s and has seen buying interest uptick and a bounce several dollars higher from that level. While this may, at a glance, appear to be nothing more than standard market “noise,” it could also be indicative of underlying strength in the gold market and perhaps even a split from the market’s correlation to... Continue Reading

Could Dollar Upside Be Limited From Here?

It’s no secret that President-elect Donald Trump doesn’t mind voicing his opinion on social media. Various companies such as Boeing and L.L. Bean have already seen what commentary from the soon-to-be-President can do to stock prices. Trump recently did an interview with the Wall Street Journal, however, in which he voiced concerns over the rise of the dollar. The greenback moved sharply higher following Trump’s early November election victory, at one point climbing 4 percent higher at its peak after the election. In the Friday... Continue Reading

What Might A “Brexit” Vote Mean For The U.S.?

As the highly anticipated “Brexit” referendum approaches this Thursday, markets could see ongoing volatility. Now that the latest FOMC meeting is out of the way, this key vote is likely to garner the majority of financial headlines this week. While the two sides in Great Britain have traded time as the front-runner, the election could be very close and markets may be on edge until a clear winner is determined. While a vote to remain in the EU may calm markets in the short-term, the... Continue Reading