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Like a Fueling Rocket

The gold market has without a doubt had a disappointing summer to say the least. The market has yet to build upon any rallies, and eager short-sellers have pounced on the opportunity to sell any moves higher. Things may be about to change, however. The gold market is showing more signs of bottoming action, and although it is not yet clear if a bottom has been reached, the market could potentially see some fireworks in the weeks and months ahead. There is certainly no shortage... Continue Reading

Remember the VIX?

There has been little in the way of market volatility in recent months, and investors appear to be growing increasingly complacent as the markets look to make fresh, all-time highs. Although markets spent some time in correction territory, they have not seen any significant declines for fresh buyers to enter. This could lead to a large amount of FOMO-or fear of missing out. This fear of missing out could take the market to some significant new heights before the bottom falls out. There has been... Continue Reading

Is FOMO Finally Here?

Stocks have seemingly climbed higher with little effort for some time now. In fact, the stock market has made it look easy. Ultra-low rates, previous QE, increasing corporate earnings-whatever the primary drivers of higher stocks may be, the bull market is not going to continue indefinitely. Stocks have recently been moving higher on the idea of lower corporate tax rates and higher profits, less regulation, the potential for higher wages and other factors. Also at work, however, is another catalyst. Only this catalyst can often... Continue Reading