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Could a Hard Landing be on the Horizon?

There is no doubt that the economy is on stronger footing than it was a decade ago. Whether or not the current path can be maintained, however, is another question entirely. With improvement in the labor market, a stable real estate market and economic optimism at its highest in some time, you have to wonder if the Fed may need to become more aggressive at some point. New York Fed President William Dudley recently commented on this very issue. In an article from Marketwatch.com, Mr.... Continue Reading

Good Things Come to Those who Wait

The stock market recently forged fresh all-time highs as President Donald Trump promised quick action on tax reforms. Stock markets had been seeing some consolidation in recent trade, as investors appeared to be taking a wait and see approach. Without a doubt, the new administration has hit some stumbling blocks. The recent immigration bad was halted by a federal judge, and thus far appeals on the ruling have not been favorable for the administration. Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway may potentially be in some hot water... Continue Reading