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3 Reasons You Can’t Afford to NOT Have an Allocation in Gold

Throughout its history, gold has been considered a reliable store of wealth and protector of value. In fact, even today some refer to the yellow metal as the only true form of money there is. Although gold certainly has tremendous upside price potential, there are other reasons – arguably even more important reasons – to build a significant allocation in gold. Here are three of the simplest, yet biggest, reasons to own physical gold: Fiat Currencies Fail History has shown time and time again that... Continue Reading

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U.S. Treasury Taking Steps to Avoid Debt Ceiling

As U.S. debt has soared past the $22 trillion level, the ongoing problem is once again catching some attention. It was recently reported that the Treasury Department is taking some extraordinary measures to avoid violating the debt ceiling as it could have significant effects. Reuters reported that Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin sent a letter to House Speak Nancy Pelosi on Monday saying he was suspending investment in the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund and that a “debt issuance suspension period” would commence on Monday... Continue Reading

A New Debt Milestone

The U.S. Government debt recently topped an astounding $22 trillion reaching a new debt milestone. The debt is composed of two components: debt held by the public and debt held by government agencies. The public debt is continuously marketed to investors all over the world. This debt is used to fund the deficit as well as to pay off maturing debt. Because investors demand a return on their investment, public debt is subject to interest charges, furthering the ongoing deficit. For a government to manage... Continue Reading

Why Paper Money Fails

There’s nothing like the feel of cold, hard cash in your hands. Holding a wad of bills may provide a sense of empowerment, as you feel the texture and weight of the money in your hands. For a moment now, however, try to take a different view. Imagine that in your hands is not money, or cash, but rather a stack of IOUs or promises. Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it now does it? The fact is, paper money is exactly that: IOUs... Continue Reading

Three Simple Reasons for Higher Gold

Although the gold market has been under some moderate selling pressure in recent trade, the future for the metal look bright-very bright. In fact, you could make the argument that the market has all the reasons in the world to go higher, and very few-if any-legitimate reasons to head lower. The rise in the yellow metal may not happen today, tomorrow, next week, or next month, but we believe it will continue its ascent in the years ahead and will not only reach its previous... Continue Reading

Gold and the Presidential Cycle

According to the theory of the Presidential election cycle, U.S. stocks experience weakness in the year after the election. The cycle then may revert back to stronger equities until it is time for the next election. What may drive initial weakness in equities followed by a rebound? The answer is reforms, new policies and a degree of uncertainty. Think about it this way: When a newly elected President takes office, he or she may look to deliver on plans discussed on the campaign trail, even... Continue Reading

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3 Simple Reasons For Dollar Downside

It’s no secret that the dollar and gold often exhibit a negative correlation. Because gold is a dollar denominated commodity, a weaker dollar makes gold relatively less expensive for foreign investors while a stronger dollar makes gold relatively more expensive. It’s also no secret that the dollar has been losing value for years. In our view, loss of value is inevitable when it comes to fiat currency. Unfortunately for users of fiat currency, as their value declines they buy less goods and services. While all... Continue Reading

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