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U.S. Hardline Stance May Cause Dominos To Fall

The current state of geopolitics and the global economy warrant caution. Stocks are moving slightly higher in early action on Monday as the markets seem to be pinning their hopes on the Fed and another series of rate cuts. The Fed will be meeting this week, and although no action is expected on Wednesday, the central bank could lay the groundwork for the first rate cut in over 10 years next month. There are currently several issues at work, however, that could potentially set off... Continue Reading

Watch the Yield Curve

Investors and global financial markets have done a fantastic job of remaining optimistic despite numerous potential headwinds. Ongoing tensions over global trade, higher oil prices and rising interest rates are just a few of the major issues that markets are contending with. There is something else happening behind the scenes, however, that could point to major troubles ahead. The flattening of the yield curve is becoming more and more a cause for concern, and the idea of the curve becoming inverted is a distinct possibility.... Continue Reading