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Now is Not the Time to Be Complacent

Stocks continue to show signs of strength, and market volatility remains quite low. Investors seem quite confident in the market and the economy, and appetite for risk remains robust. Given the relative calm that has been seen for some time now, many investors are likely growing too comfortable in the market’s ability to keep moving higher. It is times just like this when the market could decide to deliver a jolt to overly optimistic investors. Now is not the time to be complacent. Although the... Continue Reading

Things Could Get Dicey

Global markets have exhibited a large degree of calm in recent weeks. That prevailing sense of calm, however, could potentially be hit by some tidal waves in the week ahead. Over the next several days, there are several major issues that have the potential to be market-moving. Over the weekend, the G7 meeting in Canada could make a splash as tensions are running high over global trade. The issue of global trade and the potential for a significant trade war have been a major source... Continue Reading