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Forget Price. It’s Time to Buy 

The gold market continues to languish below the psychologically key $1500 level. The market, while having several long-term significant bullish catalysts, seems to be lacking a fresh, short-term bullish force that could take prices beyond the $1500 level to stay. Given the last few weeks and gold’s lack of follow through, many investors may currently be asking:  “What’s the problem?” In short, there does not appear to be any type of problem. Sometimes, good things simply take time. That’s all.  That is also why you... Continue Reading

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Is Gold Setting up for a Significant Move Higher?

Although the gold market may be seeing some weakness to begin the new trading week, the yellow metal is likely just seeing some profit taking after prices hit a one month high. We have seen this song and dance before, where gold sees some moderate selling ahead of an interest rate hike only to move higher following the hike. We expect this time around to be no different, as the Fed appears ready to pull the trigger on another rate hike in mid-June. The gold... Continue Reading

3 Reasons to Start Buying Precious Metals Today

Perhaps you have heard of precious metals investments. Maybe you even thought about buying gold once or twice in the past but never got around to doing it. Or perhaps you are fully invested in equities and have never even looked beyond stocks at alternative investments. If this is you, it’s time to start thinking a little “outside the box.” In fact, in our view, right now represents one of the best opportunities to begin investing in gold, silver and other precious metals. In fact,... Continue Reading

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