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A Lot Going On

Stocks have been on the rise in recent days as investors look forward to a rate cut by the Fed at the end of the month. Although expectations for a 50-basis point cut have declined significantly, such a move may still be on the table. If the Fed decides to cut by 25-basis points, that cut could be just the first in a series of cuts the Fed may have to make in the months ahead. Regardless of what the Fed does or doesn’t do,... Continue Reading

A Powder Keg

Gold is seeing a moderate pullback on Tuesday following gains to start the week. The situation with North Korea appears to be deteriorating, and investors finally appear to be waking up to the fact that an armed conflict could potentially be seen in the coming weeks or months. North Korea has stated that the U.S. has declared war on the nation, and has also threatened to attack U.S. bombers even if not in North Korean airspace. This follows President Trump’s threat to destroy North Korea... Continue Reading

Is Gold on the Verge?

Gold has been quietly moving higher for some time now, and the yellow metal could be gearing up for a significant upside breakout. Numerous issues have helped propel the metal higher in recent weeks, including but not limited to geopolitical tensions, worries over the debt ceiling, a dovish Fed and potential topping action in equity markets. In a recent article from Kitco.com, Dennis Gartman, author of The Gartman Letter, suggested that gold is about to finally breakout. He was quoted as saying “Gold is about... Continue Reading

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A Scary Place

The ongoing escalation in tensions between the U.S. and North Korea could unfortunately be headed to a new level. According to a report by the Washington Post, North Korea has produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit into its missiles. The newest development in the ongoing saga brought harsh rhetoric from U.S. President Donald Trump who stated that “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.... Continue Reading

Gold Showing Underlying Strength

Although the gold market has thus far been unable to stage a convincing upside breakout from its recent trading range, the metal’s performance despite numerous potentially bearish factors could be viewed as a major sign of strength. Gold has not faltered despite higher equities, slumping crude oil and a more hawkish Fed. In fact, the risk-on mentality along with the notion of additional rate increases has not put much of a dent-if any-into the yellow metal. This would seemingly indicate that buyers are happy to... Continue Reading

Do Treasuries Hold the Key to Higher Gold?

Although gold remains in an uptrend on the daily charts, the yellow metal has backed off some $50 per ounce from its recent highs. The gold market has been bid up in recent months on increasing geopolitical risks and other factors considered bullish for the metal. Not coincidentally, treasury yields have been rising in recent trade as the price of gold has been under some moderate pressure. Looking at the benchmark 10 year note, yields topped out shortly after the Trump election victory as the... Continue Reading