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Is It Really a Dollar Rally?

Gold prices have been moving higher in recent weeks, and showing some signs of underlying strength. As can be expected, the market has seen some buying interest come in as geopolitical tensions escalate. Last weekend’s chemical weapons attack in Syria had investors seeking out the perceived safety of gold and caused some selling in equities. A recent comment from President Trump, however, has stocks rallying today as risk appetite has returned. As stocks move higher today, gold is moving lower. Although such a move should... Continue Reading

Is Gold on the Verge of a Major Breakout?

The gold market is showing some impressive signs of strength in recent weeks after pulling back from the highs seen in mid-September. The market is trading back above the $1300 level and holding its ground. The yellow metal could potentially make a quick run back to those highs seen last month around $1350. The question is: Will the market be able to make a sustainable move higher? Gold has a number of key issues currently working in its favor, with two potential hurdles. The market... Continue Reading

Geopolitics and Gold

The last week has seen some interesting developments in the world of geopolitics. Although much of investors’ attention has been focused on Russia and China in recent months, this week may be very indicative of exactly who may be enemy #1 right now for the U.S. North Korea has continued in its saber-rattling and appears set to continue in its quest for nuclear weapons. This nation (which some refer to as “rogue”), appears to be the single biggest threat to U.S. National security currently. Over... Continue Reading