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Make a Plan

As the year comes to a close, there is no better time to begin thinking about and planning for next year. Significant changes in the global economy and market dynamics necessitate that investors take an objective look at their portfolios to determine how to try to stay a step ahead. Given the current economic and geopolitical backdrop, there as perhaps never been a more important time to have a significant allocation in hard, physical assets like gold. If you are thinking about making some changes... Continue Reading

Gold set to Continue Higher

Gold prices have slowed down a bit in recent action following strong gains seen in recent weeks. In fact, the yellow metal now looks poised for a run at the $1400 per ounce price level, and there really does not appear to be much standing in gold’s way. As we discussed previously, a pullback allowing some back and fill trade in gold is not only likely, but also a good thing. Markets rarely go straight up or straight down, and when they do such moves... Continue Reading

The Role of Gold in an Uncertain World

Heading into the weekend, investors may be feeling a bit of angst following another terrorist attack in France ahead of the first round of French presidential elections taking place this weekend. Following this weekend’s initial round, another round of elections will take place in early May. These elections have been a major topic in financial markets for some time now, and could potentially make or break the EU as it exists today. Other elections in the region could also impact the union going forward, and... Continue Reading

Rising Inflation

The gold market may potentially be benefiting from rising price pressures, among other things. The yellow metal has performed well in recent weeks, and has been on the stronger side of the ledger even in spite of stocks making fresh all-time highs and the dollar index remaining higher. This week saw some key inflation data that showed price pressures are on the rise. On Wednesday, the latest reading on the Consumer Price Index showed a rise of .6 percent last month, well above consensus estimates... Continue Reading