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Does Germany Know Something the Rest of Us Don’t?

In recent months, Germany has reportedly repatriated half of its gold reserves ahead of schedule. Bundesbank confirmed back in February that it had already moved 583 tons of gold out of New York and Paris. Germany’s plan to hold half of its gold in Frankfort is several years ahead of schedule. Many may be wondering why… There are numerous theories behind the rapid repatriation of the country’s gold. Some have suggested that Germany is looking to keep its gold close in case it is needed... Continue Reading

Is the Next Major Bailout Right Around the Corner?

It’s no secret that Deutsche Bank has been under pressure. Among other issues, negative interest rates have cut into the bank’s profits. In fact, Deutsche Bank shares have lost nearly 60 percent this year, and worst may be yet to come for the embattled investment bank. Deutsche Bank finds itself in a highly leveraged position, and concerns over the health of the bank are becoming more and more apparent. Last week, news surfaced that some of the bank’s hedge fund clients were trimming their sails... Continue Reading

The Spread of Negative Interest Rates

The spread of negative interest rates has been highly publicized in recent months in a trend that could, unfortunately for depositors, continue. While much has been made of low rates in the U.S. in recent weeks while the ten year note sits around 1.4%, the fact is that in some countries depositors now not only receive zero yield but must pay for the privilege of having a bank hold their money. Some European banks began cutting rates below zero in 2014, and Japan has followed.... Continue Reading