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Greek Gold

Without question, one the main themes in financial circles this past year has been the ongoing troubles in Greece and its economy. We thought it might be prudent to provide a little background on this situation, and how it may potentially impact not only gold and precious metals but global financial markets. First off, the Greek Government, like many if not all modern day governments, relies on borrowed money to fund its operations. Greece was hit particularly hard during the recent recession, and tax revenues... Continue Reading

5 Reasons You Need to Own Gold

Gold is an asset class with unique characteristics all of its own. Individual investors of all levels of experience are choosing to invest in physical gold bars and coins as a way to protect and build wealth. Here are five reasons you need to buy and own gold now. 1. Gold Is Not Correlated To The Stock Market Traditionally, when stocks have gone down, gold has gone up. Right now, the U.S. stock is poised for a crash. The current bull phase in U.S. stocks... Continue Reading

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30 Things You Didn't Know About Gold

  Gold is so rare that the world pours more steel in a single hour than all of the gold that has ever been poured during recorded history. Gold melts at 1064.43 degrees Centigrade. The metal can conduct both heat and electricity. It is estimated that 80 percent of the planet’s gold is still in the ground. A cubic foot of gold weighs 1000 pounds. Gold never rusts and does not easily become affected by chemicals. This is why gold can remain in the ground... Continue Reading

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Billionaires Dumping Stocks- What Does It Mean For Your Portfolio?

Let’s face it. Markets are driven not by the small retail investor, but rather by the big fish-the large banks, financial institutions and people or groups with enough capital to make a dent. These larger market players often attempt to hide or mask their intentions, as retail investors will often try to catch a ride on their coattails. That being said, there have been some interesting developments as of late. Several big market players, guys with names like Warren Buffet and Berkshire Hathaway, John Paulson... Continue Reading

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Is Now The Time to Buy Gold

Is now the time to buy gold? It seems that everywhere we look these days there is conflict. The world is currently seeing strained U.S. /Russian ties, North Korean tensions, Israel and Hamas at war, and civil war in Iraq to name a few. We are living in very uncertain times, and one has to wonder just how much investors are willing to tolerate before running for the hills. Stocks have been trending higher for years now-years…. Stocks also appear to be very overbought at... Continue Reading

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