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$1700 Gold to Be Seen Soon?

There is no question that bullish momentum has been building in the gold market in recent weeks. A variety of factors including the ongoing trade war, the current economic slowdown and the potential for lower rates are just a few of the issues driving the yellow metal higher. It seems that an increasing amount of investors have been sounding the alarm bells about the U.S. and global economies, and according to a recent article from Kitco, billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones is one of them.... Continue Reading

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$64,000 per Ounce Gold?

$64,000 per Ounce Gold? No, that figure is not a typo. Is $64,000 an ounce gold truly plausible in today’s world? We believe the answer is yes. While that number is quite a figure, given some of the current events unfolding around the globe, the possibility of the gold price increasing many times over and doing so very rapidly is not at all far-fetched. In fact, given China’s voracious appetite for gold and increasing tensions between China and the U.S., gold could potentially see a... Continue Reading

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As we have stated regularly for some time now, the global financial landscape appears to be headed for some significant changes. These changes may affect how investors look at various financial markets and may be the catalyst for a large shift in both investor allocation and sentiment. What are some of the issues we are referring to? There are several noteworthy issues in play right now that may significantly impact financial markets. Here we will briefly outline just a few, and discuss why these issues... Continue Reading

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