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Market Timing and the Gold Market

Many investors attempt to “time the market.” What do we mean by this? We mean to say that many people look to outperform the market by trying to time buying and selling decisions based on various factors such as economic forecasts, valuation studies, or technical analysis. While those that can do this successfully on a consistent basis may enjoy significant financial rewards, the reality is that very few investors are able to achieve any consistency. In fact, looking at mutual funds is a great example.... Continue Reading

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Gold's Long-Term View Alive and Well

Gold prices have not done much of anything in recent months. In fact, the yellow metal has remained range bound as investors appear to be waiting on the outcome of ongoing negotiations between Greece and its creditors. In addition to Greece, markets also appear to be in a holding pattern as the Fed prepares to raise interest rates for the first time in years. As the Fed gets ready to tighten, the ECB and other central banks continue to pump markets full of stimulus money... Continue Reading

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