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Significant Signs of Strength

There are significant signs of strength for gold showing lately. The gold market is higher today, gaining over $4.00/oz. Although that itself may not be noteworthy, it is interesting that gold is climbing today despite some serious headwinds that might normally weigh on the metal. The benchmark Dow Jones Industrial Average is up over 350 points in early action today. There has reportedly been some solid progress made in the U.S./China trade negotiations that took place in Beijing this week. Officials appear to have at... Continue Reading

Market Timing and the Gold Market

Many investors attempt to “time the market.” What do we mean by this? We mean to say that many people look to outperform the market by trying to time buying and selling decisions based on various factors such as economic forecasts, valuation studies, or technical analysis. While those that can do this successfully on a consistent basis may enjoy significant financial rewards, the reality is that very few investors are able to achieve any consistency. In fact, looking at mutual funds is a great example.... Continue Reading

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Mixed Signals

Following  this morning’s release of non-farm payrolls data for April, one could certainly characterize the reaction among various markets as being “mixed.” According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the country added 223,000 jobs last month while the unemployment rate ticked lower to 5.4 percent-the lowest level in seven years. The less talked about “participation rate”, which indicates the percentage of working-age people who are employed or actively looking for work, came in at 62.8%- matching the lowest since 1978. Stocks cheered the headline number,... Continue Reading

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