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Markets May be Tied Too Close to the Fed

The Federal Reserve has signaled that it may be done cutting rates, for now at least. Of course, the central bank could change its mind, and quickly, if the economic data stream shows further deterioration or if a U.S./China trade deal appears to be a no-go. Thus far, the Fed appears to be trying to maintain its patience, and the central bank could also see good things ahead for the U.S. economy. The markets may be tied too close to the fed. Another matter could... Continue Reading

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Could Higher Rates Derail Gold?

It seems that a big deal has been made of the latest FOMC meeting at which the Fed reiterated its plans for another rate hike in 2017, and three hikes next year. Will the Fed make good on its promise? That’s an entirely different question. It is important to keep in mind that the Fed was originally planning on raising rates three times in 2016, yet only one hike actually materialized at the end of the year. Could the Fed end up electing to hold... Continue Reading