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Further Dollar Strength Could Trigger the Next Major Debt Implosion

The issue of global dent has been widely talked about for some time. Unfortunately, sometimes the damaging effects of massive debt are ignored due to a “borrow now, worry about it later” mentality. The EU has had more than its share of debt problems in recent years, with the financial crisis in Greece having had a significant impact on global financial markets. Other nations have issues as well, and Italy has once again become a primary area of focus. Italy is one of the most... Continue Reading

3 Important Questions to Ask

There is without question a very strong case to be made about why you need to have physical gold as part of your portfolio. This asset class can not only potentially see significant appreciation in value, but may also provide an important hedge against numerous economic and geopolitical issues such as inflation, deflation, a weaker dollar and more. Perhaps the more important question to be asking is not if you should incorporate gold into your investment strategy, but rather how much gold should you buy... Continue Reading

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Greece and the Moment of Truth

Imagine for a moment the feeling of sheer panic you might experience if you went to your bank and were told you cannot withdraw your own money… Unfortunately, the people of Greece are going through such a scenario right now as we speak… After a weekend in which no deal was able to be reached concerning an extension of funding for the country, Greece has now imposed capital controls and closed its banks for the next several days. Greek depositors are limited to withdrawals of... Continue Reading

Greek Gold

Without question, one the main themes in financial circles this past year has been the ongoing troubles in Greece and its economy. We thought it might be prudent to provide a little background on this situation, and how it may potentially impact not only gold and precious metals but global financial markets. First off, the Greek Government, like many if not all modern day governments, relies on borrowed money to fund its operations. Greece was hit particularly hard during the recent recession, and tax revenues... Continue Reading

Is Greece Teetering On The Edge Of Default?

Black Storm Cloud Looms Over Greece And The Global Horizon The clock is ticking toward a Greek debt default which could jettison the country from the euro-single currency bloc. A “Grexit” or Greek exit from the euro zone could catapult the region and the globe back into financial crisis and political turmoil. A Greek exit would have far reaching implications not only for contagion within the euro zone, but would also raise concerns about the viability of paper currencies, and the subsequent shifting global power... Continue Reading