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The Message is Clear

Yesterday was a busy day for the Fed. Several central bank officials gave speeches throughout the day that were then followed by the release of the latest FOMC meeting minutes in the afternoon. Some of the speeches appeared to provide differing opinions on the economy and how the central bank should proceed. Chicago Fed President Charles Evans alluded to the Fed’s previous plans for another three rate hikes in 2019. Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic provided his take on the central bank’s plans going forward,... Continue Reading

Get Ready for Some Serious Bumps

The markets are ending the year on what can only be called a sour note. Stocks are either in or on the verge of entering bear market territory and the potential downside could be just getting started. Measures of market volatility are also highly elevated and could potentially be indicative of further selling pressure in the months ahead. The potential risks facing the economy and global stock markets are immense. The ongoing war over trade, the potential fallout from a hard “Brexit,” higher interest rates... Continue Reading

Is the Fed Starting to Backtrack?

Rising interest rates have been the topic of considerable debate in recent months. The Fed has been sticking to its plan of gradual rate hikes while the benchmark 10-year note yield is solidly above the 3% level. Higher rates have not gone unnoticed, with everyone from President Donald Trump to Mad Money host Jim Cramer weighing in. Stock investors have also made their opinion clear, with recent declines and increasing volatility being largely blamed on higher rates. So far, the Fed has stuck to its... Continue Reading

A Shot Across the Bow

Stocks are getting hit today, and hard, as rising bond yields fuel selling in equities. The recent concerns over higher yields-which are trading at multiyear highs-is only one issue that stock investors will need to contend with in the months and years ahead. None of this is to say that stocks cannot keep going higher, in fact, stocks may very well see a fresh leg higher and new all-time highs going into the end of the year. Once the levee breaks, however, look out below.... Continue Reading

Liquidity Could Be an Issue

It seems that with each passing day, more and more analysts are jumping on the bear bandwagon. There have already been numerous calls from well-respected firms highlighting the risks that the economy and stock market are facing, and some have even suggested that the next major downturn could be far more significant and longer than the last. There are numerous potential issues that could drive the next major downturn: Higher interest rates, weakening stimulus effects, geopolitics and higher inflation to name a few. Regardless of... Continue Reading

Rising Inflation

The gold market may potentially be benefiting from rising price pressures, among other things. The yellow metal has performed well in recent weeks, and has been on the stronger side of the ledger even in spite of stocks making fresh all-time highs and the dollar index remaining higher. This week saw some key inflation data that showed price pressures are on the rise. On Wednesday, the latest reading on the Consumer Price Index showed a rise of .6 percent last month, well above consensus estimates... Continue Reading