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6 Reasons We Could See a Weaker Dollar

As a dollar-denominated commodity, the gold market can be heavily influenced by strength or weakness in the greenback. Dollar strength may weigh on gold as it makes the metal relatively more expensive for foreign buyers, while a weaker dollar may boost the price of gold as it makes the metal relatively less expensive. The relationship between gold and the dollar, and all other paper currencies for that matter, is so important that investors often buy the metal as a hedge against a weaker dollar. Although... Continue Reading

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Don’t Get Distracted by all of the Noise

Last week marked the first time the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates in a year, and only the second time it has done so in a decade. Although the Fed did not surprise markets at all implementing a rate hike of 25bps, the central bank did appear to sound considerably more hawkish than markets had expected. Given the fact that a quarter point rate hike by the Fed was pretty much a foregone conclusion, investors turned their attention to the central bank’s plans for... Continue Reading