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Is Silver in a Can’t Lose Situation?

The Trump administration has been in office for just about three weeks, and things have certainly gotten interesting. Although the recent immigration ban and halt to the U.S. refugee program have dominated headlines in the last week or so, investors are still anxiously awaiting the new administration’s plans for tax cuts and infrastructure spending. Stocks and risk assets saw a nice ride higher in the aftermath of the Trump election victory, and have since cooled a bit. The dollar too, saw a nice move higher... Continue Reading

Gold Will Shine Again

As the year winds down, and as trading volumes decline, many key markets are likely right at or near levels where they will finish out 2016. Although stocks have had a great several weeks, other asset classes, such as gold and silver, have not performed as well. Although risk assets have been moving higher on the notion of increased spending and tax cuts, much remains to be seen that could determine how markets might perform in the New Year. We believe that gold and silver... Continue Reading