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Why You Should Consider Adding Silver Right Now

It’s no secret that silver saw a hard fall from the all-time-highs reached just a few years back. Silver fell from nearly $50 per ounce to less than $14 per ounce. Silver has been relatively range-bound for some time now but is currently showing signs of an upside breakout. Now…Right now could be an excellent time to add physical silver to your portfolio. Here are three simple reasons why: Prices appear to have bottomed: After declining 70 percent + from all-time-highs seen just a few... Continue Reading

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The Gold/Silver Ratio

When it comes to investing in gold, silver or other precious metals, we believe that such purchases should be looked at as long-term investments. We believe that precious metals may be beneficial for their potential to hedge inflation, protect purchasing power and also potentially offer a degree of protection from geopolitical risks and economic concerns. That being said, we believe that gold and precious metals should be accumulated over time, and not “traded” in an attempt to time the market. There is, however, a tool... Continue Reading

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