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The Hits Keep on Coming

The gold market has remained under some renewed pressure, as slow summer trading conditions as well as a lack of risk aversion continue to take a toll on the metal. With so many issues currently working against the market, it is not surprising that prices have thus far been unable to rally. The dollar index has played a huge role in gold’s lack of upside in recent months. The greenback is hovering around a 12-month high still, and has thus far not shown any real... Continue Reading

Gold Could Explode

The 2016 Presidential election has been one for the ages, and the excitement is far from over. Heading into the final days before Americans will vote for their next President, many polls have the candidates running neck and neck, with Donald Trump now ahead in at least one poll. Things could get a little dicey from here on out… A Trump victory could potentially have a significant impact on global financial markets, and volatility could increase in dramatic fashion. With a Trump Presidency could come... Continue Reading