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Buy the Rumor, Sell the Fact

Stock markets have recently put together an impressive string of gains that has taken the benchmark S&P 500 above previous resistance. Stocks could potentially be headed for an attempt at fresh all-time highs as volatility continues to decline. And why shouldn’t they? The Fed has become increasingly dovish; a U.S./China trade deal may be getting close, and jobless claims are at the lowest level in 50 years. Against this positive backdrop for stocks, however, lurk a number of issues that could derail risk assets in... Continue Reading

Another Reason to Own Gold Now

Weekly jobless claims were reported at 220,000 this week, the lowest reading in several decades. Other key areas of the economy, such as manufacturing and housing appear to be on solid footing while economic optimism remains extremely high. Through all of the recent data and market signals, one thing is clear: Despite still running below the Fed’s desired 2% target, inflation is picking up. Job creation, rising crude oil prices and rising yields seem to back up that notion. The benchmark 10 year note is... Continue Reading