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Don’t Fight the Fed, but Don’t Ignore It Either

There is an old saying that says “Don’t fight the Fed.” This saying is typically directed at stock market bears that remain bearish equities even as the central bank lowers rates or maintains ultra-low levels of rates that encourage risk taking. The phrase happens to make a great deal of sense, as the Fed is essentially the most powerful financial institution that there is. The Fed has the power to control the money supply, and to “create” new money out of thin air. If the... Continue Reading

Where is the Inflation?

Inflation data released today showed the ongoing absence of price pressures that could force the Fed to be more aggressive when it comes to monetary policy. The U.S. Labor Department reported this morning that the U.S. Consumer Price Index was unchanged in June. Consensus estimates were looking for a rise of .1%. Year-over-year CPI was also below consensus estimates, with an annualized reading of 1.6%. All major components of the index showed broad-based weakness, with energy prices in particular showing a significant decline. Core inflation... Continue Reading