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Uncertainty on the Rise

Stocks got off to a lousy start this week, as investor anxiety over Trump’s immigration ban as well as corporate earnings is on the rise. The recent actions taken by the Trump administration could be just the first of more to come, and could potentially divide the nation further. The Trump administration recently put a ban on immigration from several primarily-Muslim countries and also put a 120 day hold on the U.S. refugee program. The actions drew immediate praise from some, and immediate disgust from... Continue Reading

Is The Trump Trade Being Unwound?

Not to beat a dead horse, but recent price action in key markets begs the question of whether or not the Trump trade has finally run its course. Since Trump’s Presidential election victory in early November, many markets have done the exact opposite of what many analysts were calling for. Stocks have rocketed higher while bonds have been pummeled. The dollar index has also risen sharply in the last several weeks as rates have been on the rise. Optimism over possible tax cuts and a... Continue Reading

Are Investors Putting the Cart Before the Horse?

The year is quickly winding down, and gold may end 2016 on a bit of a sour note. The recent decline in gold prices, with a strong rise in stocks, interest rates and the dollar goes to show just how quickly things can and do change in modern financial markets. Although gold could potentially remain on the defensive for the next several weeks or even months, we believe it is important to keep the recent sell off in perspective. Equity markets have been moving sharply... Continue Reading

Gold Could Explode

The 2016 Presidential election has been one for the ages, and the excitement is far from over. Heading into the final days before Americans will vote for their next President, many polls have the candidates running neck and neck, with Donald Trump now ahead in at least one poll. Things could get a little dicey from here on out… A Trump victory could potentially have a significant impact on global financial markets, and volatility could increase in dramatic fashion. With a Trump Presidency could come... Continue Reading

Trump Win Could Drive Blistering Rally in Gold

It’s no surprise that with a presidential election comes a lot of uncertainty. After all, various candidates can have wildly differing views on the domestic economy, monetary and economic policy, foreign policy and more. There is certainly a lot riding on the upcoming U.S. Presidential election in what is shaping up to be an intense race. In fact, the nation appears to be very divided, with very different opinions and plans being presented by both candidates. As the election approaches, uncertainty surrounding the potential outcome... Continue Reading

Lower Rates for Longer?

Heading into the June FOMC meeting, investors were primarily focused on whether or not the Fed would hike rates again. Following the dismal May jobs report, the likelihood of a June hike declined significantly and the central bank did, in fact, remain on hold. The question then became: Would the Fed hike in July or possibly September? Things can change quickly in global financial markets and this past week investors have seen a great example of just how quickly things can head south. The aftermath... Continue Reading

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The Vote Is In – Brexit Becomes Reality

In a historic vote that shook financial markets on Friday, the people of Great Britain have voted to exit the European Union. While optimism over the nation remaining in the union seemed to be on the rise heading into Thursday’s vote, things changed quickly once the votes starting being tallied. Stock index futures, interest rates and currencies starting seeing massive volatility on Thursday night as the results came in. Brexit was becoming a reality… At one point, S&P 500 futures went “limit down” with a... Continue Reading

Monetary Policy Matters Not

  A lot has been discussed in recent months concerning the Fed and its potential plans to begin hiking interest rates. One week the Fed is seemingly on hold, the next week the central bank is getting ready to hike. During this see-saw discussion of the beginning of the tightening cycle, the Fed has consistently stated that any decision with regards to interest rates would be “data dependent.” The equity markets are now in an absurd state of uncertainty. A bad piece of economic data... Continue Reading

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