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Is the War on Cash Just Getting Started?

Several reasons have been put forth for the recent decline in gold. At the top of that list is recent dollar strength, higher stocks and rising interest rates. While all of these are legitimate reason for gold to come under some pressure, how about what recently took place in India? In case you have not already heard, India recently announced (on November 8th) that its 500 and 1000 rupee notes are no longer considered legal tender. While you might be thinking “so what?” if you... Continue Reading

Bank of Japan Holding Course

At its latest policy meeting earlier this month, the Bank of Japan did what was widely expected and held monetary policy unchanged. Rates will remain at -0.1 percent, while the pace of bond purchases will also stay constant-at least for now. The Japanese central bank did, however, push back its time frame for inflation reaching its two percent target. The bank appears ready to stay on its current course, unless it becomes necessary to hit the gas again. The statement by the BoJ with its... Continue Reading

Is the Next Major Bailout Right Around the Corner?

It’s no secret that Deutsche Bank has been under pressure. Among other issues, negative interest rates have cut into the bank’s profits. In fact, Deutsche Bank shares have lost nearly 60 percent this year, and worst may be yet to come for the embattled investment bank. Deutsche Bank finds itself in a highly leveraged position, and concerns over the health of the bank are becoming more and more apparent. Last week, news surfaced that some of the bank’s hedge fund clients were trimming their sails... Continue Reading

Another Vote Against Negative Interest Rates

As the spread of negative interest rates is set to continue, German bank boss John Cryan is voicing his thoughts on the monetary policy tool. Cryan is the CEO of Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest bank and a bank that is recognized all over the globe. As more financial experts weigh in on the potential effects of negative interest rates, Cryan made his opinion fairly clear, stating that such a policy could have “fatal consequences.” Deutsche Bank has felt the effects of negative interest rates which... Continue Reading

Arizona Considering Gold Bonds

The state of Arizona is reportedly considering a way to monetize gold in an effort to counteract the world of negative interest rates and lack of yield. The state recently set up a committee to examine the possibility of issuing treasury bonds that would be payable in gold. Dr. Keith Weiner, the founder of Monetary Metals Inc. and committee member, discussed the potential role such a bond might play. Mr. Weiner is of the opinion that such a bond could benefit not only the state... Continue Reading

ECB Ready for More Printing?

The European Central Bank met yesterday and as expected, kept interest rates at record lows in an attempt to revive growth and spur inflation. The central bank also added that it intends to maintain rates at current levels, or possibly even lower for an extended period of time. Back in March, the ECB cut its deposit rates deeper into negative territory and increased its stimulus measures. While no action was taken yesterday, the overall message appears to be pretty clear: Rates could remain low and... Continue Reading

A Black Hole of Debt

In the German language, the word for debt – ‘schuld’ – means the same thing as guilt. Someone who has a tremendous amount of guilt would seek forgiveness. So the term many economists are now using – forgiveness – in regards the world’s growing debt problem would seem appropriate. But this term does not encapsulate the crises that would result if a large portion of debt was erased by policy makers. Until recently, the term ‘debt forgiveness’ in regards to government and corporate debt was... Continue Reading

The Spread of Negative Interest Rates

The spread of negative interest rates has been highly publicized in recent months in a trend that could, unfortunately for depositors, continue. While much has been made of low rates in the U.S. in recent weeks while the ten year note sits around 1.4%, the fact is that in some countries depositors now not only receive zero yield but must pay for the privilege of having a bank hold their money. Some European banks began cutting rates below zero in 2014, and Japan has followed.... Continue Reading

Is the Global Economy Entering a Period of Deflation?

Does debt work? This question already appears to have found an answer, and the coming years could reinforce the notion that the massive amounts of debt accumulated around the world are due at some point, and a price will have to be paid. That day could be closer than many realize… Take a look at how equity markets began 2016. The Dow Jones saw its worst start on record, the S&P 500 tumbled, and crude oil prices continued their slide to trade below $30 per... Continue Reading