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Are Stocks Making a Bull Trap?

The benchmark S&P 500 hit a fresh all-time record today. Stocks and risk appetite are on the rise as investors remain hopeful that a U.S./China trade agreement will be reached. Over the weekend, President Trump met with Chinese Leader Xi Jinping at the G20 meetings in Japan, and the two leaders essentially called a truce. The U.S. agreed not to raise levies on additional Chinese goods, while China reportedly agreed to purchase more U.S. agricultural products. With the two sides seemingly back at the bargaining... Continue Reading

6 Reasons We Could See a Weaker Dollar

As a dollar-denominated commodity, the gold market can be heavily influenced by strength or weakness in the greenback. Dollar strength may weigh on gold as it makes the metal relatively more expensive for foreign buyers, while a weaker dollar may boost the price of gold as it makes the metal relatively less expensive. The relationship between gold and the dollar, and all other paper currencies for that matter, is so important that investors often buy the metal as a hedge against a weaker dollar. Although... Continue Reading

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Like a Fueling Rocket

The gold market has without a doubt had a disappointing summer to say the least. The market has yet to build upon any rallies, and eager short-sellers have pounced on the opportunity to sell any moves higher. Things may be about to change, however. The gold market is showing more signs of bottoming action, and although it is not yet clear if a bottom has been reached, the market could potentially see some fireworks in the weeks and months ahead. There is certainly no shortage... Continue Reading

Now is the Time

Now is the perfect time to start making a significant in physical gold. Not only that, but now is the ideal time to make such an investment using an IRA account. With the yellow metal hovering around a one year low and over 40 percent off its all-time high, patient investors could potentially be rewarded handsomely. Gold prices have been in a downtrend for several months after breaking lower from an extended trading range. Although the market could be at or near a long-term bottom,... Continue Reading

Now is Not the Time to Be Complacent

Stocks continue to show signs of strength, and market volatility remains quite low. Investors seem quite confident in the market and the economy, and appetite for risk remains robust. Given the relative calm that has been seen for some time now, many investors are likely growing too comfortable in the market’s ability to keep moving higher. It is times just like this when the market could decide to deliver a jolt to overly optimistic investors. Now is not the time to be complacent. Although the... Continue Reading

A Double Whammy

The gold market is seeing some strong upside on Thursday as geopolitical risks and the Fed both fuel buying. In a move that was far from a surprise, President Donald Trump has officially cancelled the upcoming summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. “I was very much looking forward to being there with you,” Trump said in the letter to the North Korean government. “Sadly, based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement, I feel it is inappropriate,... Continue Reading

The Beginning of Something Bigger?

The gold market is kicking the New Year off right, and the market is showing some very impressive signs of strength. The market has a number of issues that could potentially fuel higher prices in 2018, and outlined below are what could be the three primary drivers of higher gold as the New Year gets started. Dollar weakness: The dollar index just finished its worst year since 2003, declining by some 10 percent. This finish also was the first losing year for the currency since... Continue Reading

Changing Geopolitical Dynamics

Recently, it was reported that China was still sending shipments of crude oil to North Korea. Although this may not be confirmed as of yet, it does underscore the potential for increasing geopolitical issues in the months and years ahead. Currently, economic sanctions against North Korea are designed to cut off about 90 percent of the nation’s oil supply. Needless to say, choking off access to energy can cripple a country’s economy, although it remains unclear if the measures will be enough to deter the... Continue Reading

Be Ready for the Rebound

Gold has been on its heels in recent trade, as a number of factors have been working against the metal. Higher stocks, the possibility of a tax deal being made and a lack of any fresh bullish news have all likely played a role in the metal’s lackluster performance. The upcoming Fed meeting is also possibly taking a bite out of the market as well, as investors get ready for another 25 basis point hike from the central bank. A rate hike seems like a... Continue Reading

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Don’t Be Fooled

It seems that everywhere you look these days, people are talking about how well the economy is doing. In fact, recent GDP data does point to further economic strength, and the Fed has even stated that it still plans on moving forward with additional rate hikes. Stocks continue to reach fresh all-time highs, and investor appetite for risk remains quite robust. There comes a time in every bull market, however, when investor complacency reaches levels that warrant a significant correction or even reversal in the... Continue Reading

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