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Trouble Brewing

The last several weeks have seen a very noticeable difference in risk appetite and market dynamics. Stocks have begun to show some significant signs of cracking as volatility has broken out to the upside. For stock investors, the last several weeks could simply be a small taste of more to come. Indeed, the market has covered a lot of ground over the last decade and could have a long way to fall if fundamentals continue to deteriorate. The next major potential catalyst for another leg... Continue Reading

What is Oil Telling the Markets?

The last several weeks have seen renewed stock market volatility as investors contend with the ongoing trade war with China, rising rates and the highly anticipated midterm elections. The elections have now come and gone, however, the other factors remain a source of concern for investors. With so many potential distractions, it is easy to see why recent price action in the oil market has not gotten too much attention. Although the market’s recent slide has been mentioned here or there, the recent declines could... Continue Reading

Now is Time to Get Ahead of the Curve 

The commodity bull market has seemingly begun. Oil prices are now trading at multi-year highs, with Nymex crude trading over $72 per barrel and Brent crude trading around the $80 level. Crude has been on the offensive even as the dollar index has also moved up to multi-month highs. The strength being seen in oil is likely due to several factors, however, recent economic strength and the potential for lower supplies are two of the main drivers. Some analysts have already begun to suggest that... Continue Reading

Why You Should Be Watching Oil

The crude oil market has been working its way back higher for some time now. Nymex crude is trading for over $70 per barrel, the highest level since 2014. Brent crude has its eyes on the $76 level. The oil trade could, however, see some exploding volatility in the days and weeks ahead. President Trump has announced that he will make a decision on the Iran nuclear deal made in 2015 this week. Although many have urged the President to remain in the deal, the... Continue Reading

A Double Whammy of Rising Inflation and a Falling Dollar

Investors could potentially be in for a rough ride in 2018, as several key market dynamics are changing. The Fed has been slow to raise rates further-and with good reason- as inflation for some time lagged well-below the central bank’s desired target of 2% annually. The central bank seems to be thinking a bit differently at this point, however, as some key indicators of inflationary pressure have been ticking higher in recent months. The central bank has penciled in three rate hikes this year, but... Continue Reading

Is Slumping Crude Oil a Bad Sign?

Oil is hitting fresh 2017 lows in recent trade, and it is certainly having an impact on equities. “Black gold” traded below the $43 per barrel level today, and all signs appear to be currently pointing to ongoing downward pressure. Oil can potentially be a good barometer of overall economic activity, and the recent slide in prices to their lowest levels of the year cannot be ignored. Continuing worries over a global oversupply are preventing any significant rise in prices, and until that oversupply is... Continue Reading