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What if Stocks Declined by 50% or More?

Recent stock market volatility and declines could be a taste of things to come. The market has been moving higher for a decade now on the back of ultra-low rates and easy money. That era is coming to an end, however, and stocks could be in for quite the shock as monetary policy tightens. The ultra-low rate policies of central banks have allowed corporations to invest, expand and hire. As the cost of capital increases, however, these wheels are likely to grind to a halt.... Continue Reading

The Beginning of Something Bigger?

The gold market is kicking the New Year off right, and the market is showing some very impressive signs of strength. The market has a number of issues that could potentially fuel higher prices in 2018, and outlined below are what could be the three primary drivers of higher gold as the New Year gets started. Dollar weakness: The dollar index just finished its worst year since 2003, declining by some 10 percent. This finish also was the first losing year for the currency since... Continue Reading

Insurance No Longer Optional

These are scary times we are living in, scary times. Although on the surface things may look grand and rosy, peeling back the onion shows an economy on shaky ground, a massive Fed balance sheet, geopolitical turmoil and stock valuations that may be considered “out of the stratosphere.” This charade could continue for some time, but the endgame may remain unchanged. Stocks could be setting up for one of the most, if not the most, significant crash in history. Although many may look to put... Continue Reading