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All-Time Highs May Weigh

The gold market, is often the case, has numerous, major implications working both for and against it. To start the new trading week, the market is having to grapple with fresh all-time highs in stocks. It’s really no surprise that fresh equity all-time highs might act as a downward pressure on gold and other hard asset prices. Investors are drinking the Kool-Aid currently, and word that “Phase 1” of a U.S./China trade deal is almost ready for signatures is playing with people’s emotions. Despite the... Continue Reading

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Will a Constitutional Crisis Be the Next Major Catalyst for Higher Gold?

It seems as if there are few-if any-dull moments since President Donald Trump took office in January. When it became clear that Trump was going to be elected the 45th President of the United States, stocks rallied, bonds tumbled and gold got clobbered. Gold rebounded, however, and has seen a nice run in the last couple months despite some recent selling in the market. Some might argue that the yellow metal could be lacking any fresh, bullish catalyst to attract fresh buying interest. Some might... Continue Reading

Gold Could Explode

The 2016 Presidential election has been one for the ages, and the excitement is far from over. Heading into the final days before Americans will vote for their next President, many polls have the candidates running neck and neck, with Donald Trump now ahead in at least one poll. Things could get a little dicey from here on out… A Trump victory could potentially have a significant impact on global financial markets, and volatility could increase in dramatic fashion. With a Trump Presidency could come... Continue Reading

Three Reasons to Buy Gold Right Now

Although the U.S. economy has seen a comeback from the clutches of the recent Great Recession, world economies are currently faced with a number of key issues that could potentially shape monetary policy and global growth for years to come. While we believe there are numerous reasons to buy and hold physical gold bullion (as well as other physical precious metals), there are three significant reasons that we feel are simply too important right now to ignore right now: The upcoming Presidential election: The current... Continue Reading

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Trump Win Could Drive Blistering Rally in Gold

It’s no surprise that with a presidential election comes a lot of uncertainty. After all, various candidates can have wildly differing views on the domestic economy, monetary and economic policy, foreign policy and more. There is certainly a lot riding on the upcoming U.S. Presidential election in what is shaping up to be an intense race. In fact, the nation appears to be very divided, with very different opinions and plans being presented by both candidates. As the election approaches, uncertainty surrounding the potential outcome... Continue Reading

3 Possible Catalysts for a Significant Rally in Gold This Year

The gold market has gotten 2016 off to a good start. Investors have been buying the yellow metal as uncertainty over global economies and equities intensified. The interest seen in gold at the beginning of the year could potentially be just a glimpse of things to come. Gold appears to have found a meaningful bottom, and the market may be poised to resume its longer-term uptrend. While the possible reasons for a rally in gold are numerous, here are three potential issues that could potentially... Continue Reading

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Gold and the Presidential Cycle

According to the theory of the Presidential election cycle, U.S. stocks experience weakness in the year after the election. The cycle then may revert back to stronger equities until it is time for the next election. What may drive initial weakness in equities followed by a rebound? The answer is reforms, new policies and a degree of uncertainty. Think about it this way: When a newly elected President takes office, he or she may look to deliver on plans discussed on the campaign trail, even... Continue Reading

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