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Could the Fed Reserve Cut Mark the Top for Stocks?

The Federal Reserve cut the Fed Funds rate today by 25-basis points in a move that was widely expected. Markets had been increasing calls for a rate cut from the central bank, and President Trump has made it no secret he thinks the Fed is on the wrong track and wants lower rates. Over the last nine years, markets have become increasingly accustomed to the Fed or other central banks riding to the rescue at any sign of market volatility or significant risk aversion. Central... Continue Reading

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Stocks or the Dollar

The last several weeks have seen a resurgence of market volatility, and many investors are wondering if there is more to come. Through a very bumpy October for equities, gold made some solid strides higher as risk aversion increased. Markets have been a bit calmer in recent sessions, and the yellow metal has seen some declines taking it back to the $1200 level. The recent pullback is not due to the possibility of stocks stabilizing, however, but rather is due to a stronger dollar. The... Continue Reading

Nuclear Chicken

Over the weekend, North Korea reportedly performed a successful test of a hydrogen bomb. The underground test caused significant seismic activity, and state media was quick to call the test a success. This latest provocation by North Korea has upped the stakes once again. For those of you who do not know what a hydrogen bomb is, it is a nuclear device that uses fusion (or the joining of atoms) rather than fission (or the splitting of atoms) to release energy. The fusion bomb is... Continue Reading

Is Risk Aversion Set to Take Center Stage?

In a highly provocative act, North Korea conducted another missile test Monday afternoon that set gold, stock index futures and currencies on the move. The missile reportedly flew over Japan and landed in the Pacific Ocean off the waters of the northern region of Hokkaido. The last time a projectile from North Korea flew over Japan was 2009. The U.S. and Japan believed that launch to be a test of an ICBM, while North Korea claimed it was simply a rocket carrying a satellite into... Continue Reading

Should You Start To Worry?

Stocks are lower on Tuesday as ongoing risk aversion appears to be on the rise. Any why wouldn’t it? In the last week, the United States has struck Syria with 50 Tomahawk cruise missiles in retaliation for another chemical weapons attack unleashed by the country on its own innocent people. Russia has voiced its concerns over the U.S. military action taken, and relations between the U.S. and Russia could potentially deteriorate significantly if some common ground on the issue is not found-and found soon. To... Continue Reading

Buy the Dips

The gold market has posted solid gains since the beginning of the year, and thus far is not showing any significant signs of slowing down. From a technical standpoint, the yellow metal looks poised to make another run to the upside. What makes all of this especially interesting is the fact that gold is rising along with stocks. Even bonds have been moving back up as rates have been declining. So what gives? It would seem to be very clear that despite new all-time highs... Continue Reading

Is Silver in a Can’t Lose Situation?

The Trump administration has been in office for just about three weeks, and things have certainly gotten interesting. Although the recent immigration ban and halt to the U.S. refugee program have dominated headlines in the last week or so, investors are still anxiously awaiting the new administration’s plans for tax cuts and infrastructure spending. Stocks and risk assets saw a nice ride higher in the aftermath of the Trump election victory, and have since cooled a bit. The dollar too, saw a nice move higher... Continue Reading