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The Risk of Recession is Rising

The gold market has been quiet as a lack of any fresh, bullish catalysts combined with low summer trading volumes takes a toll. Despite higher stocks, a stronger dollar and a robust appetite for risk, however, the yellow metal could potentially find a bottom any time now. Although current market dynamics may not be seen as being bullish for gold, those very dynamics that are currently weighing on gold could potentially change, and change quickly. Underneath all of the current economic optimism, risk appetite and... Continue Reading

Changing Geopolitical Dynamics

Recently, it was reported that China was still sending shipments of crude oil to North Korea. Although this may not be confirmed as of yet, it does underscore the potential for increasing geopolitical issues in the months and years ahead. Currently, economic sanctions against North Korea are designed to cut off about 90 percent of the nation’s oil supply. Needless to say, choking off access to energy can cripple a country’s economy, although it remains unclear if the measures will be enough to deter the... Continue Reading

Are Markets Ready to Ignore North Korea?

The ongoing conflict with North Korea has been going on for months now, and it has at times shaken global financial markets. The tough rhetoric coming from both sides has kept investors on edge, although the threats from North Korea may begin to fall on deaf ears. Tough talk from the North has been largely absent in recent days, until today. A North Korean State agency reportedly threatened to use nuclear weapons to “sink” Japan and reduce the United States to “ashes and darkness.” The... Continue Reading

Are Gold and Market Volatility About to Explode?

With all that is going on in the world right now, the word “explode” may be a poor choice. The North Korean saber-rattling has continued, with the nation testing another intercontinental ballistic missile just days ago. This provocative action by the North Korean regime did not go unnoticed, and the U.S. along with Japan and South Korea responded with a show of force. This ongoing situation could be reaching a critical juncture, and it remains unclear how the U.S. and its allies will respond to... Continue Reading