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Why Silver Bars Make a Great Addition to Your Portfolio

Silver bars are one of the most versatile precious metals investments you can make. While we believe that gold bars and coins should form the cornerstone of any precious metals portfolio, silver bars make an excellent addition and can add diversification to your holdings. What makes silver bars a wise choice? Silver bars are cost effective: Silver bars carry some of the most reasonable premiums. A simple silver bar is valued based on its silver content, nothing more. These bars are produced in large quantities... Continue Reading

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Get Your Hands on Silver While You Still Can

While you often hear gold is even more precious than silver, it’s silver that could potentially run dry before gold. If you already own physical gold, wouldn’t it make sense to consider adding silver as well? Some estimates put the total amount of silver already mined at 1.5 million tons. Sounds like a lot of silver right? Wrong… You see, we have lost much of what has previously been mined. A significant portion of that 1.5 million tons of silver was never recycled and likely... Continue Reading

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