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Cut Out the Noise from the Financial Media

Investors currently have a lot to digest and the financial media hasn’t helped. Stocks are in melt-up mode as earnings thus far have been strong and as key benchmarks carve out fresh all-time highs. The dollar has also followed suit and could potentially be headed for another leg higher. Risk appetite is strong while market volatility continues to probe lower. Financial Media Hyping Gold Declines As far as gold goes, there has been considerable talk of how it has been “broken” technically. The 200-day moving... Continue Reading

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Is The Trump Rally Finally Fizzling Out?

The stock market has made significant gains since the Donald Trump Presidential election victory in November. Stocks have moved higher on the notion of significant tax reforms and a large fiscal spending plan. Interest rates moved higher while the dollar index also saw a major boost. The gold market sold off on the Trump win. Investors appeared content buying stock and appetite for investment risk was robust. Things could be turning, however. Yesterday, the stock market saw its largest one day drop since October. Since... Continue Reading


As we have stated regularly for some time now, the global financial landscape appears to be headed for some significant changes. These changes may affect how investors look at various financial markets and may be the catalyst for a large shift in both investor allocation and sentiment. What are some of the issues we are referring to? There are several noteworthy issues in play right now that may significantly impact financial markets. Here we will briefly outline just a few, and discuss why these issues... Continue Reading

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