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Now is the Time to Buy

Gold prices have slumped to a 12-month low, as investors remain hungry for risk and as stock markets continue their ascent back towards previous highs. Although gold has been lacking any significant, bullish catalyst in the short-term, the long-term outlook for the metal looks as bright as ever. Some of the most successful investors seem able to recognize value, while also having a knack for identifying market turning points. These investors understand the notion of market cycles and understand the importance of going against the... Continue Reading

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Will the Rally Resume?

After getting 2017 off to a stellar start, the gold market has been under some pressure in recent weeks, declining by over $60 per ounce. The selling seen in recent sessions could potentially provide another opportunity to buy gold at lower levels. The gold market apparently did not fully discount a March rate hike from the Fed. The central bank has taken a decidedly more hawkish tone in recent weeks, and essentially informed markets that a March hike was not only on the table, but... Continue Reading

Could Stocks Top on January 20th?

It’s no secret that stocks have been on a ferocious run to the upside since the Presidential election victory by Donald Trump. The notion of looser regulation, tax cuts and massive fiscal stimulus has sent stocks sharply higher, especially banks’. Could the rally over the last several weeks prove to be a case of buy the rumor sell the fact? Some analysts appear to think so… In a recent article from Marketwatch.com, analysts from Morgan Stanley voiced some concerns that the rally in equities has... Continue Reading

Are Investors Putting the Cart Before the Horse?

The year is quickly winding down, and gold may end 2016 on a bit of a sour note. The recent decline in gold prices, with a strong rise in stocks, interest rates and the dollar goes to show just how quickly things can and do change in modern financial markets. Although gold could potentially remain on the defensive for the next several weeks or even months, we believe it is important to keep the recent sell off in perspective. Equity markets have been moving sharply... Continue Reading

Keeping Powder Dry for Times like This

A recent article on CNBC.com was titled:  “Gold suffering second-worst quarter in 18 years, as all goes awry for the metal.” The article goes on to state that “Gold has slumped nearly 12 percent in the fourth quarter, suffering its second-worst quarter in 18 years as a host of catalysts pummel the yellow metal.” Sounds bullish to us… Let’s also not forget that as of right now, gold is still up for the year. Gold has not been able to get much going to the... Continue Reading

Heavy Redemptions Show It’s Time to Buy

The herd mentality can be defined as the influence wielded by your peers when it comes to your behavior. In other words, it means that people can have a tendency to do something simply because “other people are doing it.” The recent selling in “paper” gold could be a great example of the herd mentality at work. According to at least one report, gold ETF GLD saw outflows of over $2 billion in the month of November. SPDR Gold Shares recently reportedly provided reserve data... Continue Reading

Think Twice Before Selling, Or Three, Four or Five Times…

The gold and silver markets have been beaten up recently since the surprise Presidential election victory of Donald Trump. With higher stocks, strong risk appetite and a higher dollar index, precious metals investors have had little to cheer about in recent weeks. Some investors may even be considering selling their gold or silver holdings in light of recent market weakness. In our view, this is not only a big mistake, but is the exact opposite of what you should be doing. There are a number... Continue Reading

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In Chaos Comes Opportunity

The Donald Trump rally marches on…The Dow Jones, S&P 500 and the Nasdaq have all hit new record highs, and for the time being the party looks like it is set to continue. Risk appetite has been on the rise, and interest rates have also been climbing. Even the dollar has gotten involved, and is trading at its highest levels since the early 2000s. There is no telling just how far stocks could climb from current levels. Could the Dow see 20,000 in the next... Continue Reading