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Gold to Remain Well Supported

This week, investors have gotten the latest FOMC meeting minutes and have also been hearing Congressional testimony from Fed Chief Jerome Powell. Stocks are making record highs as Powell’s commentary has been deemed to be dovish. Markets are now expecting a rate cut this month and even additional rate cuts in the months ahead. The gold market is likely to remain on the offensive with or without higher stocks. An environment of falling interest rates and lower yields could force an increasing number of investors... Continue Reading

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It’s All a Big Bubble

Although stocks are down in early action Monday to kick off the new trading week, the market has shown great resiliency in recent months. In fact, there has been little to put a stop to the market’s upward trajectory, and investors appear to be quite comfortable buying stocks even at current levels. Tech stocks are flying high while more defensive equities such as telecommunications, healthcare and pharmaceuticals are seemingly being left behind. Some analysts have suggested that this points to a massive bubble in assets,... Continue Reading

3 Reasons Why You Cannot Afford to NOT Buy Gold Right Now

As major proponents of physical precious metals ownership, we often discuss reasons why we feel it is in your best interest to acquire and hold physical precious metals such as gold and silver. While we can list numerous reasons for our opinion on the matter, we also felt it might make sense to address why we believe you simply cannot afford not to own physical gold, silver or ideally both. The three reasons listed below are in our view very legitimate concerns. Ignore them at... Continue Reading

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