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A Buying Opportunity

The gold market has continued to see selling pressure as a combination of bearish factors take a toll on market sentiment. While the recent slide in gold prices may be viewed as “bearish” or a negative by short-term traders, smart long-term investors will likely welcome lower prices. The notion of rising interest rates, a strong appetite for risk and a stronger dollar have all affected gold and hard assets. Sentiment is currently very poor, and the market’s technical posture is also lacking. Key moving averages... Continue Reading

Gold to Move Higher on Lack of Exploration

Gold has a number of reasons to potentially move higher from current levels. A weaker dollar, low rates, government debt and the potential for a major stock market collapse could all keep the metal moving higher in the coming months and years. There is another major bullish factor that could also be a major driver of gold prices. A lack of exploration could put a major crimp in supplies, fueling a price rise. In a recent article on Kitco.com, Lamgold President and CEO Stephen Letwin... Continue Reading

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Is Gold Production Peaking Right Now?

Like any other commodity, the gold market ebbs and flows according to the laws of supply and demand. When supplies are tight and demand is strong, prices rise. When supplies are robust and demand is weak, prices fall. The gold market could be hitting its peak for the current production cycle right now, which could potentially fuel higher prices. In a recent Kitco.com article, analysts from Standard Chartered voiced their opinion on gold production. According to the bank, global growth output slowed down by .4%... Continue Reading

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Why Silver Prices Could Double From Current Levels

The decline in silver prices in recent years has been widely publicized, and silver critics have used it as an example of why you shouldn’t buy silver. While silver’s decline from record highs was, in fact, steep and swift, the market appears to have found equilibrium at current levels. Now ask yourself this question: Would you rather buy something at all-time-highs or would you rather buy it at a substantial discount from those highs? Assuming you answered “buy at a substantial discount” then right now... Continue Reading

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Just How Much Gold is There?

As a natural resource, gold’s value is largely determined by supply and demand. The fact is there is only so much minable gold on the planet and eventually supplies could run out. What does this mean for investors? It means get your hands on some gold now while you still can. Some estimates put the amount of gold available today at approximately 171,000 tons. What would this look like? Well, imagine a pile of gold covering a standard size tennis court that is 10 feet... Continue Reading

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