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What Does Dr. Copper Say?

The copper market is often viewed as a barometer of overall economic activity. This makes complete sense, given its widespread industrial use. Copper has not performed well this year, however, and is poised to see its first annual decline since 2015. After rising by some 32 percent last year, prices have already declined by roughly 17 percent year-to-date. Of note, copper actually was higher over the first six months of the year before dropping by a whopping 20 percent in a period of just two... Continue Reading

Three Simple Reasons for Higher Gold

Although the gold market has been under some moderate selling pressure in recent trade, the future for the metal look bright-very bright. In fact, you could make the argument that the market has all the reasons in the world to go higher, and very few-if any-legitimate reasons to head lower. The rise in the yellow metal may not happen today, tomorrow, next week, or next month, but we believe it will continue its ascent in the years ahead and will not only reach its previous... Continue Reading