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Could a Hard Landing be on the Horizon?

There is no doubt that the economy is on stronger footing than it was a decade ago. Whether or not the current path can be maintained, however, is another question entirely. With improvement in the labor market, a stable real estate market and economic optimism at its highest in some time, you have to wonder if the Fed may need to become more aggressive at some point. New York Fed President William Dudley recently commented on this very issue. In an article from Marketwatch.com, Mr.... Continue Reading

Gold Gearing Up For 2018

The gold market has been quietly continuing its recovery from the swing low seen a few weeks ago, and the metal is poised to get the New Year off to a great start. The market has an improving technical posture, and more investors appear to be taking notice. The New Year could be big for the gold market, as numerous market forces could potentially fuel a significant price rise. In fact, overall market volatility could make a dramatic return in 2018, and it seems that... Continue Reading

Could a Tax Overhaul Doom Stocks?

If you have ever invested in financial markets before, chances are good you have heard the phrase “Buy the rumor sell the fact.” This is an interesting market dynamic in which a market rallies based on a catalyst such as higher expected earnings, lower rates or new legislation, only to reverse course once that catalyst is actually implemented. Looking at the stock market and its string rise in recent months, you have to wonder if that dynamic will be seen again. Stock strength has come... Continue Reading