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From Headwinds to Tailwinds

The tide is turning, and boy is it turning fast…Less than 24 hours ago, President Trump ordered cruise missile attacks on Syrian targets. This military action represents a major shift in policy for the administration, and it remains unclear just how much the situation could potentially escalate. The strikes are in response to the latest chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians, a cowardly, deplorable act that must be responded to and stopped. On news of the strikes, the gold market popped while stocks sank and... Continue Reading

Not So Fast…

The Federal Reserve this week is lifting its key interest rate by .25%. This move by the central bank did not come as a surprise. It seems the Fed took various steps in recent weeks to “warn” markets that a March rate hike was coming-even though just several weeks ago the odds or a March hike by the Fed were very small. Given much of the recent hawkish talk from various Fed officials, the question no longer was if they would raise rates three times... Continue Reading

Buy the Dips

The gold market has posted solid gains since the beginning of the year, and thus far is not showing any significant signs of slowing down. From a technical standpoint, the yellow metal looks poised to make another run to the upside. What makes all of this especially interesting is the fact that gold is rising along with stocks. Even bonds have been moving back up as rates have been declining. So what gives? It would seem to be very clear that despite new all-time highs... Continue Reading